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Special head "Z-359" for hardness tester TKM‑359CE

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Special head "Z-359" for easier probe positioning on complex surfaces.

Special head "Z-359" is purposed for positioning of following Leeb probes:

Head "Z-359" allows you to place the probe on cylindrical surface of controlled item (diameter from 18 mm).

Special head "Z-359" facilitates hardness measurement of metal products with complex surface (curved or cylindrical) - with a diameter from 18 mm.

Preparation for work:

  1. wrench off the support washer of the Leeb probe,
  2. twist the head on the probe instead of the support washer, 
  3. press the probe with the “Z-359” head to the controlled item
  4. perform the measurement as usual.
Special head "Z-359" consists of two parts:
  1. washer with a profiled surface to provide stable positioning of the probe,
  2. spring gear to press the probe to the controlled surface.

Head "Z-359" is made of thermoplastic polymer black polyacetal, which is very hard and elastic and stress- and wear resistant as well.

Special head "Z-359" 1 piece


Description Hardness tester TKM‑359CE
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