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Feedback on TKM-459CE(Special design bureau of marine boilers, Vladivostok Division, Russia)

 "SKB": Special design bureau of marine boilers, Vladivostok Division

feedback_on_tkm-459m.jpgVladivostok, Russia

"Our company first purchased the testers of that series in 2012 and still uses them. We perform non-destructive testing at different military facilities of the State Technical Supervision Body. The use of hardness testers is crucial for our work. Mainly we deal with various kinds of steel – carbon, alloy, sometimes titanium. According to regulatory and technical documentation, the use of the testers is obligatory. The performance of the devices has been impeccable. We have witnessed reliability, precision, and speedy performance.

There are several versions of this model in our company available. Lately, we have purchased the TKM-459CE series hardness tester. "Mashproject" offered a nice promotional reward, giving a discount and providing free delivery.

All our applications and requests concerning repairing and checking the products, among others, are processed in time and quickly.

We are thankful for the cooperation, and we wish you good luck in further work."

"SKBK" Vladivostok Division executive, V.V. Kamalov