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Feedback on TKM-459 hardness tester (OOO "KLASSIK-AVTO" - Orel, Russia)

feedback_on_tkm-459_hardness_tester-klassik-avto.pngOOO "KLASSIK-AVTO"

Orel, Russia

"We often need to measure the hardness of different parts fast. For that purpose, we have purchased the TKM-459 Hardness Tester.

It proved to be a reliable device when measuring the hardness of any part type.

The portability, ease of use, and results accuracy are among the advantages. All these let us use the device at any stage of the manufacturing process.

The only week point is the non-protected wire that connects the main body to the measuring probe. That is because, within manufacturing halls, there is always a risk of damage or breakage.

We are satisfied with the product quality and the service level; we plan to purchase one more device from your company in the future."

Executive director, V.A. Luschenko