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Feedback on TKM-359M hardness tester ("DMG MORI" - Ulyanovsk, Russia)

feedback_on_tkm-359m_hardness_tester.jpg"DMG MORI – Ulyanovsk Machine Tools"

Ulyanovsk, Russia

"During the use of the TKM-359M hardness tester, we did not have any complaints about the product. We have been using it for several years daily to work testing cast iron and steel parts. The main advantages of the product are the following:

  1. Stable and highly accurate results.
  2. It is possible to calibrate the tester for different scales without any external assistance.
  3. The device is compact.
  4. Many different types of probes can be added.
  5. Russian menu.
  6. The "Mashpoject" experts can repair the device.
  7. The TKM-359M Leeb hardness tester is included in the National Register of Measuring Instruments.

In 2019 we will purchase another similar device.

We wish successful and productive work for "Mashproject" and are looking forward to our future cooperation!"

Cheif Quality Department, Rakhmatullin Shamil Naillovich

Metrology Engineer, Ryabukhin Sergei Vasilievich