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Feedback on TKM-359CE hardness tester (SIEMENS - Leningrad region, Russia)


Leningrad region, Russia

feedback_on_tkm-359c_hardness_tester-siemens.jpg"During gas turbine production we often need to monitor the hardness of different parts and welds. For this, we purchased the TKM-359CE hardness tester at the end of 2014. This hardness tester represents a fine combination of impact force and the impact device parameters. The imprint left after the measurement is small. At the same time, the power of the impact often lets us work even with unprepared surfaces. It is possible to perform fairly reliable measurements on rolled steel products and pieces with no preliminary surface treatment.

It is important to point, that in case of a need to treat the surface before testing the manufacturer has a good offer. A compact grinding machine can be purchased together with a hardness tester.

One more hardness tester's strength is recalibration that can be done using the customer's standard test blocks.

One of the disadvantages is the thin wire connecting the tool and the impact device. In the production halls, we always have to make sure not to bear or tear it.

As with any other measurement tool, the TKM-359CE hardness tester demands skill and delicacy from the operator.

Our hardness tester with our own serial number 14078 met expectations fully, and it keeps serving as the cause of localization of high-power gas turbine production in Russia."

Quality Control Manager, P.A. Malsagov