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Feedback on "Mashproject" products (OOO "ESTLS" - Moscow, Russia)

feedback_on_mashproject_products.jpgOOO "ESTLS"

 Moscow, Russia

"We purchased the TKM-459CE UCI hardness tester and the additional probe "H" for the TKM-459 series in 2019 to monitor the metal hardness.

We'd like to note the high quality of this equipment, the accuracy of the results, the practicality and efficiency in the expertise process.

We thank you for your fast feedbacks and goodwill, and also for professional advice in the selection of the equipment.

We wish you to keep manufacturing high-quality products that help us fulfill sometimes unexpected tasks of business. We sincerely hope for further fruitful cooperation.

We wish you success in further development and reaching new heights in commercial activity."

Deputy Director, D.V. Kabanov