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Feedback on TKM-459C UCI Hardness Tester

Sole entrepreneur Larionov S.G.: Inspection of the technical condition of buildings and structures, the development of building reinforcement & strengthening projects

Voronezh, RussiaFeedback on TKM-459C UCI Hardness Tester

"We often use the TKM-459C device to measure the hardness of steel structures of residential buildings and plants. We usually engage both "A" and "C" types.  This equipment has been working effectively and steadily for six years in different actual environments (with low temperature, dust, or physical impacts). The device has an ergonomic design, and it is comfortable to hold. Its bright display screen helps a lot in the dark. The construction lets us carry out measurements in hard-to-reach places. The menu is user-friendly, its structure is clear and logically built. All this makes it possible to set up any parameter for the work quickly. The automatic statistical processing of the results saves time while making the reports. The materials of the shell are highly resistant to possible accidental impacts. The battery holds the charge for a long time. Type "C" is good for working with corroded metal surfaces.

Let me express my wish that the "Mashproject" team keeps doing their job of improving the national equipment production industry, the functionality, the technology, and, also expanding the portable testers line."

Larionov S.G.